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Doom & Gloom (Middle Grade)

Meet Dane Winter. He’s never, ever been afraid of the dark.

As the richest kid in Winterville, he lives in a mansion, owns tons of gadgets, and gets $1,200 a week in allowance. In fact, he has everything a twelve-year-old could want, except his freedom. Born with a rare sun allergy, Dane spends his days in the gloom of Winter Mansion hiding from deadly UV rays.

Everything changes when his parents give him a high-tech solar suit. With it, he can safely go outside and explore the town his ancestors built. But all is not well with Winterville.

When Dane uncovers a criminal plot hatched by the evil Mad Dogs, he vows to defend the city he loves. Wearing his new suit, he teams up with his klutzy gal pal, Jinx Bellamy, and resurrects their childhood team of Doom & Gloom. Except being a superhero is a whole lot harder than it looks in comic books.

Full of sci-fi fun and dazzling swordplay, Doom & Gloom delivers for action/adventure lovers, ages 9+.

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Welcome to Jumping Jackalope Press!

We recently launched our first middle grade novel, Doom & Gloom. Packed with fast-paced action, it’s sure to satisfy the pickiest summer reader.

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